Gay Rome: The Ultimate Gay Guide

Rome, also known as “The Eternal City”, is a huge and truly incredible city. Among ancient monuments and countless things to do, life in Rome is really interesting. For an unforgettable experience – especially if you’re gay – visiting Rome can be an amazing adventure. Here you can find a list of the best gay bars, clubs, and parties where you can spend your evenings.

The Best Gay Bars on Rome’s “Gay Street”: Reviews and Tips

Although Rome is a very large city, there are not too many gay bars to choose from. The gay community in Rome prefers big disco nights, lavish events or cruising clubs. San Giovanni in Laterano is known as the gay street of Rome, a small street overlooking the Colosseum where men and women gather from all over Rome – as well as the crowds of gay tourists – to enjoy an amazing night on the town.

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Coming Out – Gay Bar

Coming Out is a gay bar and restaurant that kick-started the transformation of Rome’s gay street into the popular party location it is now. From it’s beginning as a small bar in front of the Colosseum, Coming Out is now the landmark of the LGBTQ+ community in Rome. You can head to Coming Out any time of day, from breakfast to dinner, even if the best moment is just after dinner for a quick drink.

My Bar – Gay Bar

My Bar is a small gay bar and is always open for business. So whether you want to grab breakfast , lucnch, or dinner, this fantastic venue cheers up the gay street evenings. At My Bar, you can come to eat something on the fly or to have a few drinks with friends.

Colosseum – Lesbian Bar

The lesbian bar The Colosseum is also in Via San Giovanni in Laterano. It is a very popular location within the lesbian community of Rome and, while it is the go-to meeting spot for girls, it’s also generally popular for the entire LGBTQ+ community in Rome.

The Best Gay Bar in Pigneto: Reviews and Tips

Pigneto is a district of Rome that has become incredibly trendy in recent years. Bars, clubs, theaters, and restaurants have been opened throughout the neighborhood which has exploded in popularity in recent years. There are many places to go and the gay community of Rome has started to frequent this area because it is wonderfully friendly and full of things to do.

Magnoebevo e sto ar Pigneto – Gay-Friendly Bar

The Magnoebevo is a small bar but is absolutely worth a visit if you are in the area! They offer a range of incredible cocktails, delicious food for both dinner and aperitifs, and an incredible and friendly staff for an all-round enjoyable experience. Magnoebevo is not a place, it is a family – you’ll feel right at home.

Cargo – Gay-Friendly Bar

Cargo al Pigneto is a gay-friendly bar where you can go both to work, meet friends, or above all to drink delicious cocktails and have a incredible aperitifs. At Cargo you will always be surrounded by smiling people and make plenty of new friends!

Tuba Bazar – Queer Space

Tuba Bazar was born years ago as a women’s bookshop and over time it has evolved into a queer spot where women and men of the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe and at ease, whether you are reading a book or having a drink with friends. Open every day, they also serve dinner and are open for drinks until one in the morning.

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The Best Dance Clubs in Rome: Reviews and Tips

Instead of spending the night out in a bar, members of the local LGBTQ+ community often choose to spend their weekends in dance clubs. There are so many amazing places to check out, from large venues to smaller clubs. Here are some of the best dance clubs in Rome to meet new people and have a great time!

Muccassassina – Gay Party on Fridays

Muccassassina has been the ultimate gay night out in Rome for 30 years. The venue is  huge and it usually offers many rooms, DJs from all over the world, crazy entertainment, and 4000 boys and girls who crowd this wonderful evening every Friday. It is a unique, unforgettable experience – going to Rome and not going to the Muccassassina would be a crime.

GIAM – Gay Party on Saturdays

Giam is the best party to head to for an awesome Saturday night out in Rome. Great DJs come to perform from all over the world and incredible performances animate the Saturday night throughout the year from autumn to spring.

Company – Gay Bear and Leather Club

This bear cruising bar organizes electro and house evenings from Thursday to Sunday, with special events and more mainstream evenings on Saturday nights. The clientele is bearish and there are darkrooms for lovers to have spicy encounters. It’s also open the rest of the week, but it’s more of a cruise bar than a place for dancing and drinking if you are visiting during the weekdays.

Frutta e Verdura – Gay and Bear Party

If you are traveling in Rome and you hear someone say “I’m going to fruit tonight!” don’t worry – it has absolutely nothing to do with actual fruit! This is just the slang for the gay and bear party thrown weekly in the beautiful capital city. Frutta e Verdura is the most famous after party in the country’s capital. It’s organized for every Sunday morning in Rome (from 4am to 10am) and hosts international gogo boys and DJs for an amazing party experience.

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The Best Cruising Clubs in Rome: Reviews and Tips

Rome is the city that first popularised cruising clubs which are specifically dedicated to members of the LGBTQ+ community who also love leather, bears, and fetishes.

Bunker Club – Cruising Gay Club

The Bunker Club is a historic venue in Rome and they always have the best party in town. Go to Bunker on a Friday or Saturday night for the best cruising music party or check it out on Sundays for the naked and underwear party!

Diavolo Dentro – Cruising Gay Club

This club is also one of the best historical locations in Rome. Located near an incredible villa with a beautiful garden and swimming pool, Diavolo Dentro is the perfect spot – every week you can find parties for the leather, latex, and uniform lovers. Inside you can find a naked area, labyrinth, and men’s shows.

K Men Club – Leather Gay Club

The K Men Club is a real leather bar. Sling, private rooms, and glory holes will let you experiment and have fun. Furthermore, it’s very close to Termini station, and it’s very easy to reach, so you can easily find your way to an amazing night.

Skyline – Cruising Gay Club

With two bars, a video room, smoking rooms, and a labyrinth with cabins, the Skyline cruising bar organizes theme nights and is always crowded. On Mondays, there is a special event: the naked party! So take off your panties and hit the dance floor!

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Best Gay Saunas and Bathhouses in Rome: Reviews and Tips

The gay clubs, bars, cruises, and parties in Rome can all be pretty fun, but nothing is better than hanging out in a gay sauna. The gay saunas in Rome are all huge and very popular. Try out this incredible experience and let yourself travel back to the Roman times.

Illumined – Gay Sauna

Even though it’s relatively small, the Illumined gay sauna is certainly the most fun in the capital. It is always crowded and they have a fantastic restaurant too. In addition to the swimming pools, there is also a Finnish sauna, steam bath, darkroom, labyrinth, relaxation room, and massages. There are also fun theme nights organized, especially during the weekends. It is very popular within bear and musclebear communities.

Apollion – Gay Sauna

This gay sauna is the dream for all the people who come to Rome and want to immerse themselves in history. Apollion boasts beautiful red bricks, thermal water, stone and marble as the backdrop for the pools, saunas, private areas such as dark rooms, glory holes, and common areas where you can get to know each other. It is very popular with both Italians and tourists, and by mostly muscular people.

EMC Europa Multiclub – Gay Sauna

The EMC Europa Multiclub gay sauna is truly immense. Vast swimming pools and hottubs are the setting for a really incredible wellness and sexual center. Men of all types come here to find some balance and relaxation and have fun on one of the many themed evenings the club organizes. Every Friday night there is the BAM Pool Party, while on weekends the sauna never closes! if you can, try to visit on Friday afternoons and go out on Sunday.

The Mediterranean – Gay Sauna

The Mediterranean gay sauna is smaller than the others and is mainly frequented by locals. It has a large swimming pool and the luxurious saunas are spread out over two floors. The best time slot is from 15:00 to 21:00 (3-9pm).

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So, if you are planning on visiting Rome or looking for an amazing experience with the LGBTQ+ community in Italy’s vibrant capital, try heading to some of these incredible parties, venues, clubs, cruises, saunas, and more.